Cruises, Family Days, Displays and comps, Tailgate magazine, Discounts at some businesses,
Merchandise Discounts andmore.

Come young or matured, with vehicle or not, where ever you may live in Australia...
Uteznvanz Incorporated is looking for you!!!!.

The Family Club- Est october 2011. Find us on FaceBook !!
  • Online Membership Form
  • Membership Form PDF

    You will be contacted once the committee has processed and approved your application.
    Once fees are paid you will be considered a member. We look forward to welcoming you to Uteznvanz :)
    Thank you for checking us out...
    Under normal circumstances we hold a lot of events both public (which usually raise funds for charity), and others for financial club members only.
    At the moment most of our events are held in Victoria where our biggest member base is.
    However, as our membership in other states continues to increase, events will be held in them also.
    Victorian events are, in the main, held in Mildura where the club was established in 2011, but also many in Melbourne area and just commencing a few with a new keen bunch of members in Maryborough.

    We offer Victorian Club Permits to established members as well. Conditions apply.
    If interested Contact the Permit Scheme Officer in your area for further information.

    Family is always welcome and included in what we do so all memberships include the whole family.
    With the single vote only one adult can vote who once selected becomes known as the voting member.
    With the dual vote both adults can have an active say and vote.
    A membership can be upgraded at any stage by paying the additional fee or downgraded when renewed.

    For further information please message us.

    Otherwise complete the Online Membership Form or download the Membership Form PDF and email or post it in.