Uteznvanz Virtual Auto Show Entrants 2021

Welcome to our Show:

Our Virtual Autoshow is now closed and judging completed...

Congratulations to our very deserving winners! Our judges said they had a tough job!
It is awesome to think we had two international winners this year!
Two awards were judged by you all and we very much appreciate the large number who took the time to send in their vote.
It made it happen.

Huge thanks to all Entrants, to our Judges and last but not least all our fantastic Sponsors/Supporters.
Working together you all helped make this show happen!

We were able to donate a massive $1,000 to our Charity Chances for Children prior to Christmas which was very appreciated by them once again.

Photos of the presentation and a full sponsor list will be uploaded in February.
At the same time or soon after, we hope to be in the position to make a preliminary announcement regarding our 2022 show!