“The Family Club”​

An Aussie wide vehicle orientated club with a specialised interest in utes and vans.
Always something to do.

Established in 2011 with the aim of being an active, charity minded club that welcomes members Australia wide together with their family and all vehicles but especially utes and vans.
Holding and hosting many events as we raise funds for charity.
However, although vehicle orientated you do not even have to own a vehicle to become a member. Our members come from all walks of life and all ages so everyone fits in.

Other aims are to promote the standard of all vehicles but especially Utes and Vans; to have an exciting club where something is always happening and to help the community.
Part of this is our sponsoring of various charities.
We are patrons of the Adopt a Road program and have raised many thousands of dollars for Chances for Children and other charities through our events.

Victorian Club permits are available for vehicles more than 25 years old. Please message the Permit Scheme Officer in your area for details and conditions. At this stage we are only registered for Victoria. Other states may be added at a later date.

Pretty much as one of our members say’s if its new or old, bumpy or straight, clean or mean, or just a dream, this club is for everyone. Open to members who just have an interest in these vehicles or even those just looking for something different to do and a new circle of friends to be a part of. It is not a requirement to own one or to be a part of the competition circuit. A few of our members are but the majority are just members with a vehicle.

We are trying to find local history of Ute and Van competitions held here in and from the 1970’s If you attended any or have any information we would love to hear from you. Some of them were called Van Ins but included utes and others were called Truck Ins and included both utes and vans. Hot rod shows and others we believe had ute and van categories or displays as well. Whatever the type of event, if it included utes and/or vans we would like to hear from you. All information and leads no matter how small will be appreciated and investigated. Flyers and/or photos would be fantastic.
In 1976 a van club is believed to have been established and although it had around 30 members in 1977 we have been able to find no more out about it yet. Any information on this club would be terrific as it would be fitting to include it in the history we are trying to write. Always something happening on the Calendar. A club that all the family can be a part of and enjoy. Any events that are open to the public are listed under the events tab or on our facebook page so check there for details.
Offering single or dual vote family memberships acknowledging sometimes partners have no interest in having a say in the club but like to come along and enjoy the company of other members. Different conditions apply.

For further information please contact us. No question is too silly or too small.
All the details are on the Contact page, or just complete the Online Form or download the PDF and email or post it in.

You do not have to own a ute or panel van to be a club member. If owning one is your dream for one day or you just simply like them – your membership is welcome.